This is a message from the Comittee March on the House of Orange.



Today a bit more then hundred anti-monarchist clashed with a detachment of riot police on the Leidseplein in Amsterdam. After 20 minutes of heavy streetfighting, the pigs, for the occasion dressed in orange uniforms and wearing shields quoting 'Grace to the Marriage Couple', retreated under a storm of bricks. The activists were accompanied by a soundsystem and sambaband.

"This was our general repetition for 2-2-2, the day crown prince Willem Alexander and Maxima are planning to get married. Only if Alexander denounces the thrown, he can be certain of a nice marriage. That would be a first step to abolishing the monarchy and finally all elites and hierarchy alltogether," said a spokesperson of COMODO, the Comittee March on the House of Orange, who wished to stay anonomous. COMODO was invited by the Amsterdam networking initiative 'The Free Zone' to co-organise todays events, which also included public discussions on the monarchy, preventing repression, action-tactics and coalitions to mold. The Free Zone regularly organises action-events in the squatted filmacademy and social center at the Overtoom 301.

A point of discussion was how much the nasty background of Maxima should be stressed. Maxima is the doughter of Jorge Zorreguieta, minister of agriculture under the fascist junta of General Videla in Argentinia. There have been contacts with the 'Crazy Mothers' from Argentina, who's thousands of children and relatives have been murdered by Videla's regime, but there was disagreement whether they should be invited to help.

Many participants felt that large scale demonstrations would very likely end up large scale 'preventitive' arrests, like they did at the EU-summit for the Treaty of Amsterdam in 1997, where around 800 people were arrested. Also, the National Security Agency (BVD) has been ordered to do a full screening and risk-analyses of all anarchists and leftradical groups to see if they have any plans or capacity to disturb the royal wedding on February 2, 2002. "Creative tactics are needed, you know" someone said.

Vrije Zone
Here are some nice pictures of the 26th may "riots".