Come to Holland for the coming royal wedding!!

Royal wedding = resistance!

Committee March on the House of Orange (COMODO) is planning to have a big party of resistance and anarchy in Holland (in which city is not yet known), on the day of the royal wedding of the crownprince of the Netherlands, Willem Alexander, with his Argentinian sweetheart Maximá.

As the dutch royal family, the dutch parliament, the police and security services are preparing for the wedding, so should we.

It will be a day with lots of actions and possibilities: so please join us and come to Holland on the wedding day! Interested to help preparing? Send an email to

The exact wedding date is not known yet but will probably be around january 2002. We are monitoring the situation closely, so make sure to keep in touch with this website.

Some background to the wedding

In dutch newspapers and magazines the hype around the father of Maximá, Jorge Zorreguieta, who has been Minister of agriculture in the Videla-junta in Argentinia and was spokesman for the big farmers and landowners, has been going on for months now.

"Is it appropiate for such a person to attend the wedding of his daughter with ‘our‘ prince?" Or: "Shouldn’t he be ill just for that day?". And the most progressive: "Should she not denounce the junta publicly before she can become princess of the Netherlands?"

For us, as anarchists, the questions are of course different: should there be a royal family at all and is this case not precisely what is wrong with an institute like the monarchy? The dutch royal family is quite famous for their contacts with "wrong" regimes and dictators throughout history. This is nothing new for us. An institute like the monarchy is an expression of how this capitalistic world works, nothing is democratic, just ‘bread and plays’ for ‘normal people’. Give us queensday every year, a handwaving queen and people will be happy?

We cannot accept backward institutes like monarchies. That is why we will not accept the royal wedding. There is no justification for the existance of a wealthy elite which stands above the law, consolidates hierarchic strucures, stimulates nationalism and tortures animals. We want the entire monarchy abolished.

The dutch royal family: some background

The husband of the former queen (=the grandfather of Willem Alexander) has been member of the german naziparty before the Second World War, took bribes from airplanecompany Lockheed, is a known hunter on almost every living animal in the world and a lot more. Other members of the royal family have the same ‘bad’ taste of friends and contacts. So was queen Beatrix last year very determined to visit Austria for her skiholiday, even though there was a boycott of Austria at that time of the European community because of participation of the party of fascist Jorg Haider in the government.

There is a lot more about the dutch royal family. Interested in the history of the dutch royal family? Send us an email: or look at the website


Our group, Committee March on the House of Orange (COMODO), was formed last year when queen Beatrix planned to visit Leiden on queensday (30th of april, the birthday of her mother) and a lot of repressive measures were announced. We had a day of action and a public tribunal against the royals in Leiden (and had a lot of fun while doing it!)

For the manifesto (in english as well) of Comittee March on the House of Orange: see our website There is the possibilty to get on the mailinglist.

Soon there will be a third newsletter (in dutch). We will have more news for you soon.